Welcome to Flora + Davis!

I am Kate, business analyst by day and home cook extraordinaire by night.

After a long day spent squinting at spreadsheets on a computer screen, I find the tangible act of cutting a chiffonade of aromatic basil, dicing crunchy root vegetables, rubbing oil across a firm slab of meat, or whisking together an emulsion of citrus and mustard dressing, to be incredibly therapeutic.

The creation of a final physical product from raw materials or ingredients is becoming more rare in our increasingly technical world. As daily activities that in the past required our hands and our sensory faculties – like reading musty hardcover books or dodging and burning film in a darkroom – have moved to primarily digital mediums, I feel that many of our traditional creative pursuits have become vaguely sterile.

Yet food remains one of the few creative outlets that allows us, three times daily, to simply create. And I love that.

Picking heirloom tomatoes in the backyard | Flora + Davis

Picking heirloom tomatoes in the backyard | Flora + Davis

The Flora + Davis household consists of myself, my boyfriend, Adam, and our fluffy Samoyed, Moose.

This website will document the culinary highs and lows of our little corner of Montana. I hope it provides inspiration and information for all who love to cook.

Indulging in butterhorns | Flora + Davis

The wine flows freely, the butter is chilled, and there is always a pan of garlicky goodness on the stove. Oh, and lots of love and laughter in the air. Welcome to the kitchen at the corner of Flora + Davis!

Thank you for stopping by,



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